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73% of sales managers are promoted from a sales role, yet 86% receive no induction for the job. PriSM fills this gap. It's a proven framework with hands-on tools to help you:


    Know if salespeople will succeed before hiring them

    Motivate high performance in every sales meeting

    Deliver coaching so everyone on the team hits quota

    Improve pipeline, opportunity and forecast accuracy

    Run strategic deal & account reviews that lift revenue

    Prioritize efforts on the predictive indicators of success


Delivered as a revolutionary two-day training workshop followed by state-of-the-art personal coaching, PriSM quickly makes its mark on the sales manager's personal performance, their team's productivity, the company's sales culture and revenue attainment.


Professionalism in Sales Management™ shows newly promoted & experienced sales managers how to balance their dual role of leading people and managing metrics.

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Module 1: Business Planning

What problem do you solve? Who has this problem? Ideal customer profile Sizing your salesforce to the addressable market Product lifecycles and customer adoption Your value proposition(s) Role of direct sales, channels & partners Segmenting accounts by current, potential & non-financial values Assigning accounts to the right salespeople


Module 2: Sales Process

Aligning your sales cycle to the customer journey Modeling input, throughput and output in the pipeline

Linear vs. perpetual pipeline management Avoiding fiction in the forecast Creating demand Lead management Tollgates and measurements in the sales process Velocity & conversion Qualification

Models for Call, Opportunity, Account, Channel and Partner planning


Module 3: Field Coaching

How field coaching impacts revenue Choosing who to accompany Optimal hours Ground rules for ridealongs and call monitoring Laws and ethics Managing customer expectations How to observe your salesperson

How to score your salesperson  Curbside conference vs. formal coaching Skills with the biggest impact

Building a team skill heat map Using strengths to cover gaps Developing the individual


Module 4: Opportunity Reviews

Defining the right sales for an opportunity review Focus areas for each sales stage Doing your homework

Preparing the salesperson Inviting the review team Involving industry experts Create a safe environment

Curiosity and honesty vs guilt and blame Presentation media Understanding the sale Testing the sale

Improving the sale Capturing the best ideas Mapping skills to actions Managing risk after the review


Module 5: Sales Meetings

The role of a sales meeting Making sure it's worth the cost Avoiding "laundry list" agendas  What topics can you move to other mediums? Polling team needs Topics to include in a sales meeting Assigning roles to team members Inviting guest speakers Choosing the right venue Managing teleconferences and webinars Staging effective sales kick-offs & conferences


Module 6: Talent Management

High-performance sales culture Why salespeople work for you Retainers and rewards Motivation strategy

Defining "good, better, best" Job descriptions and standards of performance Maintaining a recruitment bench

Interviews as test drives Effective onboarding. Catch people doing good Nutrition, rest & resilience

Managing under-performance Dealing with toxic staff Leading remote salespeople


The PriSM two-day workshop

You attend our two-day Professionalism in Sales Management™ (PriSM) masterclass after completing PrepSteps™ and starting a personal development journal to direct your learning experience. Working with sales management peers, you'll step through facilitated scenarios, discuss the right approach in different circumstances, then practice doing it in an environment where it's not how much you know coming in, but how much you improve that matters.

Workshop preparation


Professionalism In Sales Management™ (PriSM) uses no slides or lectures. Our studies into adult learning prove that having a trainer read slides on a screen is a waste of your time. So we don't do it. Instead we give you a series of videos to watch with short reading assignments before class starts.


This achieves all the knowledge transfer you need, and allows you to use class-time for anchoring these techniques deep into your 'mental muscle memory' where they become skills for life.


Here are the PrepSteps™ you'll complete before attending PriSM:


Watch knowledge videos for each workshop module (a sample of 4 videos is below)

Complete a PrepSteps Journal of ideas you get from the videos, as a focal point for class discussion


Overview of Sales Management


The Art of Field Coaching



Test Sales Skills in Job Interviews



Run a Strategic Deal Review

Workshop reinforcement



A weekly video broadcast of reminders, how-to tips and advice

   to help managers implement PriSM concepts in the office,

     plus a weekly competition for managers to upload selfie

       videos of their own experiences, used as a tool for

         peer-to-peer learning and culture shift. Over time these

            assets build your sales coaching video library.



Managers tape a sales meeting, deal review or salesperson coaching session, and send us the recording* (or our consultants can attend in person or by phone). We report back on a REVU™ scorecard that lists PriSM improvement tips.


These records build a post-training performance dossier as an extension of the PrepSteps Journal that delegates begin before attending PriSM.


        *Our online tool for remote observation (ROCKET) is ideal

         for supporting PriSM NextSteps™.

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PriSM™ is provided as a bespoke corporate leadership programme not available in public seminars.