ROCKET Launch Plan

Implementation guidelines

 Salespeople learn how to sell like the world's top performers. Managers learn to observe and coach improved sales productivity. These skills drive revenue in any economy, for any product or service. There are 3 key stages to a successful ROCKET™ launch in your company:


There are choices to make about how to implement ROCKET™ in your company. Our implementation team work with you every step of the way to plan and execute great outcomes. The flowchart below shows some considerations. Dates need to be set. Technology should be checked. Opinion leaders must be onboard. In the countdown to launch ROCKET™ to your salesforce, it's the preparation behind the scenes that reduces risk and improves results.

We target the key selling skills to improve in your call centre, field sales & KAMs.
SalesDNA Scorecards are tailored to each role.
You decide if you want to improve these skills using role-plays or observation of real calls.
We confirm your industry's legislation on recording calls for training & compliance. We help you get set-up to record and sync calls to our ROCKET CoachingCloud™. Field sales install our app for iOS & Android. We will make inbound 'SkillsDrills' calls if you are unable to deploy recording technology.
We film videos on the 'what' & 'how' of selling your products, to build your coaching collateral. For sustainability, we encourage your front-line managers be trained as ROCKET Sales Coaches.
REAL CALLS If your sales managers lack the bandwidth to take on a coaching responsibility right now, our network of qualified sales coaches will start the work, then handover when you're ready. COACHING BY SALESLABS COACHES ROLE-PLAY COACHING BY YOUR MANAGERS  Salespeople develop new sales reflexes. Heat Maps show team skills distribution. See which skills are really driving your sales. See which managers are the best coaches. Avoid 'square peg in round hole' staffing. Ensure people have the skills to execute key actions on your Account & Opportunity plans. Manage risk. Improve compliance.


With Countdown preparations and pre-launch communications completed, you're ready to unveil the programme to your salesforce.


Kick-off events are staged. The coaching science is explained. Salespeople learn how managers and coaches will support them. They get hands-on with the technology.


Everyone receives a ROCKET™ Launch Kit which includes 12 months of journal space to plan personal goals and track challenges and progress.


They refer to this each month as an important anchor that guarantees individuality and tailoring of the sales skills

coaching experience.

ROCKET™ Onboarding Planner

ROCKET™ Delegate Launch Kit

Escape Velocity

Your salespeople will use our ROCKET™ Launchpad app to record and upload their sales calls. They'll review their coach's feedback and access the tailored skills videos we'll create together. Your coaches will use our ROCKET™ Cockpit app to remotely observe sales calls with customers, record timestamped feedback, and assign skills videos for the salesperson to review before upcoming one-to-one coaching sessions. Your managers & executives will use ROCKET™ Commander to see skills strengths and gaps across the salesforce, monitor levels of engagement at an individual and team level, and visualize the shift in organisational capability over time. This data is rich with information waiting to be mined. See customer buying trends and competitor strategies "from the horse's mouth". Make better-informed decisions about recruitment, onboarding, training and career development. Learn who your best salespeople really are, and which manager's coaching makes the biggest impact on revenue. These insights help leaders break free from old constraints. Achieve escape velocity and take your revenue into orbit! ROCKET™ provides strategic sales information not available in any CRM or LMS. It's a new breed of business intelligence . . . for a brave new world.