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Have you sat in a sales workshop and: > Struggled to stay focused? > Wished you were using the time with clients? > Felt you could teach the class better? Have you completed eLearning and: > Clicked 'Next' to skip the screens? > Fast-forwarded the videos & animations? > Finished just to tick a box for HR? Afterwards, how much of the training did you use on-the-job? These methods don't feel effective because they aren't. So we decided to find out how adults really learn today, and what delivery methods are the most effective. What we learned was a wake-up call . . .

People forget

You've probably heard 87% of training is forgotten in 30 days without reinforcement. This comes from a 1979 Huthwaite study published by the ASTD in 2004. An earlier study by Ebbinghaus  found 64% of learning is forgotten in only 6 hours.


Sales trainers know this statistic and cite it to sell refresher courses. But we wanted to know how to avoid the 'Forgetting Curve' altogether. To find these answers, we needed to investigate how the brain works.

Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus

Brains delete

Research from scientists at The Royal Society found the adult brain is elastic. It creates new grey matter to store data, but deletes it just as fast if learning isn't applied. This use-it-or-lose-it model is known as neuroplasticity.


It means training that doesn't include immediate hands-on application can't turn into long-term memory or reflex. It's biologically impossible. This amazed us.


We also discovered learning needs to be delivered differently if the content is knowledge vs. skills.

Format matters

The brain runs on electrical units called Hertz.


Knowledge is absorbed via Alpha brainwaves at 8-12 Hz. Alpha waves occur when a person is in the mood to read, listen or watch material at their own pace.


Skills are learned via Gamma waves at 30-90 Hz when a person feels pressure to perform on-the-spot —which creates mental muscle memory.


The teaching format for knowledge and skills must match the required input formats of the brain, or it won't make a lasting difference.


The sales effectiveness industry churns out product in a format that suits the training companies, not the learners.


A pedagogy (training style) of eLearning, videos and smartphone quizzes helps knowledge, but cannot improve a person's skills. It's a neurological impossibility.


Classroom seminars build neither knowledge or skill.


Salespeople need an Alpha format to absorb knowledge, and a Gamma format to develop skill.

With these insights, we invented ROCKET

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