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Regarded as an instant classic by salespeople, business schools and media worldwide, Selling to the C-Suite® reveals new insights on executive buying behaviour and how to sell the way they want to buy.


With research running over 10 years by SalesLabs, LSI, Hewlett-Packard, TMS and select universities, more than 500 c-level executives from 150 companies were asked to demystify why some sellers win big yet others get the ejector seat.


What they reveal is essential reading for every seller. The 2018 edition is updated with insights on how to attract executive buyers using social media!









"Worth its weight in commission cheques"

Neil Rackham, author of SPIN Selling

Selling to the C-Suite® is the official workshop of the bestselling book. It teaches salespeople, account managers and senior leaders how to engage with executive buyers in a way that establishes credibility, builds enterprise loyalty and wins sales.


Taught as a one-day interactive session, it's taught exclusively by the book's author and researcher,

Nic Read, or seasoned facilitators who have been

hand-picked and certified. You'll learn to:


      Understand the executive's industry and key issues

      Get noticed on social media as someone worth following

      Bypass the gatekeepers and meet with the executive

      Establish credibility and value in the first meeting

      Develop a trusted advisor relationship

      Seed new business opportunities

Module 1: Overview

How executives are using the Internet to self medicate on solutions  Why the sales game has changed forever

The new executive buying process  Inter-dependence of account & opportunity management.


Module 2: Research

What are the executive’s pressures & drivers? What topics are on their radar? What jargon do they use?

Which stakeholder is the “relevant executive” for your opportunity or account? In this module we review how to research, and you’ll build a dossier on your target executive(s) in preparation for making contact.


Module 3: Access

When do executives get involved in purchasing? What is the best time to call? Should you contact them directly or through their network? Is their PA friend or foe? In this module you’ll assess the “approach vectors” available to you, and develop introductory statements that command enough interest to get you in the door.


Module 4: Credibility

What do executives look for in salespeople? Can “trusted advisor” status be achieved in one meeting? What type of presentation or meeting gets the ejector seat, and what gains return access? In this module you’ll develop a structured plan for an upcoming meeting, so you do your homework, understand their issues, and develop ideas that help you stand out from the crowd as client-centric instead of product-centric.


Module 5: Value & Loyalty

How do you keep executives in the loop and get credit for the value you deliver? How can your Track Record help you network across an account to secure extra business? What leverage can you gain by introducing your company's leaders to customer executives? In this module you’ll draft an “executive loyalty plan” to manage your  C-Suite relationship and develop a less transactional, more strategic relationship.


Attend the workshop

In our one-day Selling to the C-Suite® masterclass you select live executive relationships to develop at the account or opportunity level, review the concepts, then apply them in real-time. This highly practical, edge-of-your-seat experience is for players not spectators, creates an immediate skills lift, and is praised as "thought-provoking", "motivating" and "career-changing".

Accredited Workshop | All graduates of Selling to the C-Suite® receive free membership in the Chartered Management Institute

Workshop preparation

This masterclass uses no slides or lectures. Our studies into adult learning prove that having a trainer read slides on a screen is a waste of your time. So we don't do it. Instead we give you four simple videos to watch and some short reading assignments to complete before class starts.


This achieves all the knowledge transfer you need, and allows you to use class-time for anchoring these techniques deep into your 'mental muscle memory' where they become skills for life.


Here are the PrepSteps™ you'll complete before attending Selling to the C-Suite®:


Watch knowledge videos for each workshop module (a sample of 4 videos is below)

Read select passages from the book Selling to the C-Suite® (sent when you enroll)

Select a real executive buyer in an account or prospect to be your focal point in our exercises


Executives in the buying process


Find the relevant executive



Master the business drivers



Understand executive needs

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Selling to the C-Suite® workshops are provided as bespoke corporate sales solutions, and not as public seminars.

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