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Target Opportunity Selling™ is the official workshop of our best-selling book. Companies implement this as a sales methodology across sales teams. It's a proven approach to plan, pursue & win strategic, high-value sales opportunities.


Strategic opportunities can take months to win and are expensive to lose. They're decided on a mix of formal business and informal relationship and competitive criteria that can be difficult to identify and navigate. These sales must be guided strategically.


SalesLabs designed Target Opportunity Selling™ after a

10-year experiment observing top salespeople manage complex sales. We codified this, taught it to average sellers, and watched its impact:


      Yield: opportunity size grew 28%

      Risk: forecast accuracy improved 42%

      Velocity: sales reached closure 23% faster

      Growth: sales performance lifted 48%


Sales teams in 40 countries now use Target Opportunity Selling™ as their method of choice and have won more than £24Bn in sales as a result. The workshop is taught over two days, supported by change management to ensure long-term corporate adoption.

Read the book

Target Opportunity Selling is based on 20,000 hours of fieldwork with top business-to-business sellers in small, medium, and large enterprises to learn how they create, pursue, and win large target opportunities. A source of "lightning in a bottle," this step-by-step playbook reveals:


     Qualification criteria to measure early, middle and late in every sale

     How to apply sales strategy and competitive counter-tactics

     Techniques to build support from influential stakeholders

     Approaches to exert control over the evaluation process

     Why last century's "sales funnel" is a barrier to solution sales


Thought-provoking and insightful, Target Opportunity Selling is another masterclass from one of the 21st century's most popular sales authors.

Module 1: Triggers

Which competitive, operational or financial pressures are driving the customer's investment priorities? Which people have a stake in the outcome? Are the triggers for action soft or hard, and how does this affect the sale?

In this module you look behind the curtain to see the real stage, actors and plot of your sale.


Module 2: Qualification

Is the customer ready to act? Do you have a viable solution? Are you in a position to win and if so, how quickly and profitably? In this module you assess your sale using nine qualification criteria, see if you're currently winning

or losing, and plan what to do about it.


Module 3: Influence

Who has the power to approve your price, commit to a contract, or modify the decision process to favour you?

In this module you'll explore how authority and influence operate, assess your current relationship, and plan how to build a base of support with the people whose opinions matter most.


Module 4: Strategy

Is this sale already yours for the taking, or do you need to out-think and flank your competition? In this module you'll learn how to assess your competitive position, select an appropriate strategy, employ competitive counter-measures and apply the right propaganda to dominate the decision process.


Module 5: Opportunity Review

In this module you’ll draft a “Target Opportunity Plan” for your sale, and join with your peers in a structured review that leverages their collective experience to shake the risk out of your approach and build a better plan. You'll also receive advice on how to make this review process a regular, valuable part of your sales culture.


Attend the workshop

In our two-day Target Opportunity Selling™ masterclass you select a live sales opportunity in your pipeline, analyse it to identify its risk profile, then develop a solution map, relationship plan, value proposition, competitive strategy, and tactical plan to improve control over the outcome.

Workshop preparation

Target Opportunity Selling™ uses no slides or lectures. Our studies into adult learning prove that having a trainer read slides on a screen is a waste of your time. So we don't do it. Instead we give you a series of videos to watch with short reading assignments before class starts.


This achieves all the knowledge transfer you need, and allows you to use class-time for anchoring these techniques deep into your 'mental muscle memory' where they become skills for life.


Here are the PrepSteps™ you'll complete before attending Target Opportunity Selling™:


Watch knowledge videos for each workshop module (a sample of 4 videos is below)

Read select passages from the book Target Opportunity Selling (sent when you enroll)

Select a live sales opportunity on your forecast to use as a focal point in our exercises


Researching Your Customer


Qualifying the Sale



Competing on Value



Strategy and Propaganda

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Target Opportunity Selling™ workshops are provided as bespoke corporate sales solutions, and not as public seminars.

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